BART will be supporting the Wild Sherston event on the Saturday and Sunday. We will have our display boards and several members of the team there to engage local people and meet other exhibitors with an interest in the local environment. We hope the event will be a good way to get local people and organisations involved in our Upper Avon Initiative.

We will have invertebrate displays on both days. In addition on the Saturday we will be providing a speaker to talk about BARTs activities and the importance of our rivers. On the Sunday we will be hosting a river walk where walkers will meet up with a BART volunteer carrying out an invertebrate monitoring session.  We will be providing free river monitoring training and equipment to local people and groups in the coming months. Forms will be available for people to register an interest on both days. as we are very keen to involve more people in this valuable activity. Funding for the equipment has been provided by Wiltshire Council.

Please follow this link to see full details of all the activities and speakers.