Much of the work BART is involved in depends on partnerships of some description.  It is by forming partnerships that BART are able to pull together needs and opportunities across the catchment. These needs and opportunities are coordinated into viable projects which are attractive to fund holders with an interest or obligation to provide a healthy river environment. It is by these partnerships that we involve the specialist skills and knowledge necessary to carry out these projects. All of our partnerships are based on achieving common aims and the sharing of information.

Some examples of our partners include:

  • The Wild Trout Trust
  • The Environment Agency
  • Angling Clubs
  • ‘Friends of’ groups and other community groups

BART and many of our partners work within the Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership which comprises a range of organisations, groups, authorities and individuals dedicated to working together to improve the water environment and provide wider benefits for people and nature at a catchment scale – known as a Catchment Based Approach (CaBA).


A Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership workshop in progress with partners.