Who we are

Bristol Avon Rivers Trust (BART) is a community-led organisation, which aims to deliver education, land and river based management advice and practical river restoration work across the Bristol Avon Catchment. We pride ourselves in getting our feet wet and our hands dirty and on getting things done. We do this by bringing together individual people, interest groups and community organisations with common interests and problems. BART helps to realise these as achievable projects by adding their experience, practical science skills and by using its volunteer support. We are only a small charity but our passion makes up for our size and we have already successfully completed several habitat enhancement and river restoration projects.

We call ourselves BART and hope you will too. You will see us referring to ourselves this way on much of the site and in articles.

As part of the growing family of River Trusts across the country, we can benefit from the knowledge and professionalism of our umbrella organisation The Rivers Trust and the experiences of our many brother and sister Trusts. If you want to know more about the River Trust movement and what they have achieved across the country we recommend you look at the following websites.