What We Do

The Bristol Avon Rivers Trust exists to help you protect and improve your river in many ways.

  • Improving riverside and in-channel habitat to increase diversity and numbers of fish, flora and wildlife.
  • Bringing people together who have a common interest in a healthy functioning river system.
  • Identifying funding sources and matching them to known local needs.
  • Collaborating in or managing river based improvement projects.
  • Providing education about the ecosystem approach to protecting and improving our rivers.


Kneeling Willow Deflector

Kneeling Willow Deflector

The River Catchment

Avon river catchment map

Bristol Avon river catchment

This is the area over which BART operates so do not take the word Bristol too literally.
You can see by the WFD status that much work needs to be done to make this map totally green. If you want more information about your own area let us know.
We want BART “Beacons” in every town and village that has a stream or river within this map. People or organisations who can be our eyes and ears and report what is happening in their area and in return receive any news we get about activity or opportunities which may improve river health in their area. Local knowledge and good contacts are an essential building block for getting things done.