Bart were invited by Avon & Tributaries Angling Association to join them last Sunday as part of their weekend of activities to promote angling and their lovely waters.  A relaxed roving “match” was arranged to see how many species of fish could be caught whilst showing some prospective members the water. A number of children were  fishing in the Orchard  on the Sunday and one lucky lad caught a chub as we arrived.

The roving match produced seven or eight species of fish despite conditions being bright. There were a lot of dace and small chub , roach, perch, gudgeon, a pair of pike , a bream and hosts of fat minnows. No barbel were caught although some were seen on the lower stretches and a carp made it’s presence known but did not oblige the anglers by taking a bait.

BART enjoyed the day immensely and joined the organisers at the local pub to talk about the river and it’s challenges after the fishing. Dr Julian Greaves managed to catch six species of fish during the few hours which “won” the match and a bottle of wine. Secretary Ian Mock caught the largest fish – a chub of nearly four pounds in weight which was in fine condition.


Avon and Tributaries Angling Association waters can be viewed on their website