We are very pleased that the Friends of the Frome (Somerset) have agreed to become our latest Beacon group. This simply means we will be combining our efforts on the Somerset Frome and sharing information where we can for mutual benefit.

BART will be leading an initiative on the Somerset Frome which will result in a catchment plan being produced – something which will not only share what is being done but what people want to be done on the river. The Friends of the Frome will be helping to form this plan along with many other groups along the river.

The image attached to this post shows a recent meeting of the Friends of the Frome which BART attended and which quickly showed up a few areas where we can help each other. If either of these activities interests you please contact Ian Mock who will be making arrangements for BART volunteers nearer the time.

Himalayan Balsam pulling groups will be running between 14th July and 3rd August

Spring Litter Pick   –   1st March

Frome Festival Litterpick   –  5th July