We are very lucky to have Neil Green who is project officer of Avon Invasive Weeds as one of our volunteers. We are also very lucky to have Friends of the River Frome as one of our Beacon groups. We now have an opportunity to support both whilst also supporting BART which has got to be a win-win-win!
I have attached a poster advertising the Somerset Frome Balsam pulling session and hope you can find time to support it. I know it is a week day but please try. To encourage lots of support I will arrange for BART T shirts to be supplied for all who attend ( as long as you are medium or large!). Ok, I will order some for other sizes if you promise me you are coming.
As a further inducement I have four spaces in my car and can arrange a pick up if you are local to me in Bristol or on the way. If any one else has car space let me know.