BART have recently been helping a local company called Epimorphics to gain an understanding of how best to display river health data for use by conservationists and members of the public. Mihajlo kindly wrote us a piece on the project below with some helpful links with details of the app:

My name is Mihajlo Milosavljevic, I am an intern at the company called Epimorphics working on the development of an android application called myRivers.
myRivers is a simple way of browsing detailed river pollution reports in the UK. It provides users with three map layers all showcasing a different dataset provided by the Environment Agency. Three layers include reports of river catchment quality, water quality and pollution discharge permits.
Throughout the project we have benefited enormous support from BART Project Officers. During our meetings with their team we have managed to gather valuable domain specific feedback which made a big impact to the design and functionality of the application. Out main goal was development of a tool that can be useful to anyone interested in the quality of the UK rivers but also a tool that provides detailed reports that can be found useful by the experts in this area such as the members of the Rivers Trust. The application is now available on the Google Play Store and can also be found using this link.

myRivers can be downloaded from the Google app store from the link in the above quote.

Thanks to the Mihajlo and the Epimorphics team for their hard work in making river health data more accessible!