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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Less obvious but fascinating riverside residents

The following article written by Daniel Wood one of BART’s volunteers reveals a startling life-cycle that takes place under our noses and we very rarely consider when fishing or bird watching.

Fish parasites

This lucky roach is unaffected!


Last weekend we were rewarded for not cancelling our river walk with the volunteers of the Sherston Grove community wood by a very lovely interlude of sunny weather with no wind. Our latest Beacon group showed us the amazing results of four years hard work in the wood – wild flowers popping up everywhere. Snowdrops in bloom, Wood Aconite budding and Bluebells pushing shoots up waiting their time. There were also some extraordinarily brightly coloured fungi. We walked the river and a long stretch of the Sopworth branch and discussed how best to look after the bankside.




We will be back in the Spring!

If you are in the area the Grove Wood is well worth a look.

Grove_Wood_leaflet_draft_2 (1)