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Monthly Archives: September 2013

World Rivers Day

Bart will be spending World Rivers Day at Bowood Game Fair where we hope to meet and enthuse local rivers users to get involved in improving their particular favourite stretch. In fact we were there today too! Hopefully the passionate people we spoke to today will contact us again shortly and let us know how we can help them – people who told us the Chippenham town stretch needs to have litter, plastic and rubbish removed from the banksides,others who would like some attention the the River Marden which has silted up badly in recent years and which has tributary streams devoid of fish and similar feedback. BART will be pleased to offer what help it can in tackling such issues and looks forward to hearing more tomorrow.

Take a peek at the World Rivers Day site and drop us a line using the contact page if you have any good ideas about how we could do something special for next years celebration of our rivers – it would be great to set up an exciting project in readiness.