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Monthly Archives: June 2013

PES project – Little Avon

Phase two of this project has been completed and the final stage which would include recommendations for next steps is due for completion in August.  BART are excited at how well the combined team have performed and for the future on this lovely little river. BART are also busy building relationships in other areas of the Little Avon, and are particularly pleased to welcome John West as our local Beacon for the area.

The following link will take you to the PES project description on the DEFRA website

Partnership Working

BART, Avon & Frome Partnership and Bristol City Council representing the Bristol Avon Catchment Group on Sunday at the Bristol Festival of Nature on Sunday.


IMG00301-20130615-1332 (1)

Festival Of Nature

Mark and Ian model their new T-shirts!

The Festival was BART’s first major public outing and it was great to see and hear the excitement of youngsters seeing the fish and bugs on display. Plenty of future volunteers! It was also good to get some of the main messages across about how damage to the health of the river can be caused.

The Festival itself was a fine example of volunteering and youth in action – I was met by a volunteer on arrival, checking I was entitled to be there, let into my tent by a pair of brilliantly effective co-ordinators, clearly destined for leadership roles, and assisted throughout the day by volunteers who seemed capable of almost anything. We hope to have made an impression on some as they have offered to become involved with BART during the Summer.

Challenge of the day? Explaining the word spawning to a young French chap!IMG00303-20130615-1442

Festival Of Nature

The Festival takes place on Saturday and Sunday, 15th and 16th June. BART will be helping in the WildWaters tent and we have just completed our display board – everything arriving by van and postman during the week as planned.  While searching for some photos to include I found this little “volunteer” from 20 years ago. If she turns up over the weekend I will be in trouble!


Bristol Big Green Week

If you haven’t already seen the array of interesting talks available in Bristol during this week – 15th to 23rd June take a peek. A highlight should be the Question Time: The State of Nature, the Next  Step.  BART will be attending to keep abreast of the great work being done locally by our Wildlife Trusts. We have recently had an excellent meeting with Wiltshire Wildlife Trust to discuss work BART is doing in the By Brook area to avoid duplication and to look for areas where we can compliment each other.